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Carl Frouin
by Carl on 15 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Hello, I am pleased to share with you today my entry for the Rookies Award 2024! I will present to you the standout projects of this year.

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Gorilla :

During my year, I had the opportunity to create an animal of my choice. I chose the gorilla without hesitation, an ambitious and challenging choice that required me to work on anatomy, fur, and skin in a realistic manner. The project aimed to teach us grooming techniques and push them to the limit, a truly interesting and novel challenge. I had the opportunity for the second time to work on texturing the asset using Mari, particularly by utilizing XYZ texture scans.

Lookdev : 

Below, I will show you the various lighting tests on the asset, different turns, essential stages to ensure that the asset is usable in various environments, scenes, shots... I still have much to learn about lookdev, but I believe I have grasped its essence, the basics of its operation, its usefulness, and how to set up an effective scene to work on the asset.

T-rex :

For this personal project, once again, I wanted to challenge myself by trying out a completely new workflow, which I was later able to partially apply to the gorilla presented above. I set up this workflow by learning from various online resources. I was able to bridge between Zbrush, Mari, Substance Painter, and Maya, a powerful and exciting combo to learn. Many thanks to Arthur Justeau who made the first two shots by lighting and compositing them !

Desert Eagle .50 : 

New project, new challenges. The task assigned by the school was to create a weapon of choice, with the sole requirement that it be photorealistic. I opted for the iconic Desert Eagle, a firearm widely represented in the world of video games.
What intrigued me the most about this project was the texturing aspect. I aimed to achieve a flawless surface while incorporating subtle signs of wear and tear. Additionally, I had the opportunity to use Arnold for the first time and utilize a lookdev scene from CAVE Academy, featuring a scanned environment.
This project was highly enriching, and I would undertake it again without hesitation.

Lookdev : 

The lookdev phase for this project was rather swift as I didn't need to tweak the maps generated by Substance Painter. Its primary purpose was to ensure that the maps responded well to the model.

Insect : 

This school project was interesting from a scale perspective. Working on a small scale entails new challenges that have never been encountered before.

Thanks for watching !

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