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Props/Weapon Artist Demo Reel 2024

Props/Weapon Artist Demo Reel 2024

José Prevot Satorre
by JosePSatorre on 10 Mar 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Welcome to my entry for the 2024 Rookies of the Year competition in the Game Developpement category. Passionate about video games and artistic creation, I'm now a student as props/weapon artists at the SAE Institute of Geneva. Thank you for this opportunity to show my skills and I hope you'll enjoy my work!

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Here's my Props/Weapon Artist Demo Reel made during this year, thank you for reading me and I hope you'll enjoy my work!

Barnabas Tharmr's Armor

My first project is a fan art of the armor of Barnabas Thramr, Odin's Dominant and an antagonist in Final Fantasy XVI, made by Square-Enix.

This is my first attempt at modeling plate armor, a very hard surface project and also my first of its kind.

My goals were to get as close as possible to the original model while being much more optimized. So my armor is 67,154 triangles and 5 maps of 2048x2048 to be able to ensure better rendering of materials in close view.


This is my first project following a realistic artistic direction, close to that of the original game. My main objectives were therefore to succeed in corresponding to the targeted AD as well as to make an optimized version of it.

I chose to feature the weapon with fabric and lighting close to what can be found in the game (The Hunter's Dream). As for the technical aspects, the weapon has 10,380 triangles and the textures are on a single map of 2048x2048.

Moonlight Prothesis

What interested me and pushed me to do this project was the variety of different materials present on the prosthesis as well as the mechanical aspect and the interpretation exercise that involved.

Despite the multitude of objects present, I wanted to remain as low poly as possible while keeping as much detail as possible. The model has 27,388 triangles and 2 maps of 2048x2048, one for the arm and the other for the blade module.

Fatalis Demolisher

The last project in my Demo Reel is my own version of the Fatalis Demolisher, a weapon from the Monster Hunter game series made by Capcom.

My main objectives were to recreate this weapon with many details, but as optimized as possible.

For the staging, I chose to recreate the treadmill of the game's forge, a place where the player will create all the improvements for his equipment and therefore an environment recognizable by all Monster Hunter World players.

The whole weapon has 4162 triangles and one 2048x2048 texture map.

I would like to sincerely thank you for coming this far and reading me! I hope that my work may interest or please you!

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