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Mat the Rarámuri
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Mat the Rarámuri

Rarámuri Meetmat is inspired by the Tarahumara tribe. This tribe resides in México, in a canyon aka as the ¨Barrancas del cobre¨, or copper Canyon. They are worldwide known for their running abilities to endure long distances in ¨Huaraches¨a type of sandal.

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Update - 18 Jan 2024

Final renders without marks

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Update - 18 Jan 2024

Some details

Update - 18 Jan 2024

Final Entry!

I added some dirt, dust and scratches. Raramuris are avid runners who travel big distances. Chihuahua has a big desert on it, Samalayuca so I thought it would be cool to make Mat the Raramuri a little bit dirty with all the sandstorms that happen there.

Update - 13 Jan 2024

So this may be the last post before the final render.

I modified the face to not having it pink. I think is more accurate to the carving wood references i got from their art. Still, io left the eyes, nouse and mouth from their ragdolls. Also I added some leather to the base, to resemble their musical instruments.

Update - 12 Jan 2024

Update #3 - January 11

So he is not naked anymore. I am pretty happy with the result, but I will add more details yet. Also I wasnt happy with the pink head, so I changed it to only have paint on the face.

Cloth references

Update - 11 Jan 2024

UPDATE #2 ---- January 10

I scrapped the leather face, It was very creepy so I decided to go with a handcraftedlook. I based the design on their traditional dolls.

Update - 3 Jan 2024

Rarámuri Mat - Meet Mat Contest

First update out of three.

My project is inspired by the Tarahumara tribe , also known as the Rarámuri. They are an indigenous people living in the Copper Canyon region, aka ¨Barrancas del Cobre¨, in the Sierra Madre Occidental of México. They are orldwide renowned for their long-distance running abilities, and their distinctive dwellings, called "cave houses," constructed within the cliffs of the canyons. The Tarahumara maintain a close connection to nature and have preserved many aspects of their ancient lifestyle despite external influences, their art reflects this cultural heritage, by featuring vibrant colorful textiles, intricate patterns in basketry, and detailed pottery.

Their handicrafts, artesanias in spanish, is mainly composed by wood, leather, fabrics and paint, so my entry will contain this materials. As a reference I chose this images to give me a better idea and understanding.  

I started with the base, a wood material, also I added a leather material to the face, I plan to and some paint and some  sewn threads to it, but I am still deciding how to do it.