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Espresso MATchine
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Espresso MATchine

This is the Espresso Coffee MATchine I have in my kitchen.

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Update - 13 Jan 2024

Here we go with the last update of the Espresso MATchine!

Probably, the most challenging part was designing the Height Map because (thanks to my addiction to product design), I'd like to make it hypothetically feasible. So, during the process, I was thinking all the time about things like, 'If I need to fill the water tank, I have to open this, and maybe I could have something that reminds me to fill it when the level is low, like a light, perhaps...'

Was it useful? No.

Was it helpful to the project's success? Maybe.

Do I now have a machine that's functionally correct? No.

Amazing! Good job!

In the renders, you can see that the machine is clearly used but not dirty. In my mind, this is a product display: it is never used or put into operation, and it is in good condition, although it may have minor scratches, signs, and fingerprints from consumers who touch it. 

This is also the reason for the guarantee stickers.

Here are some of the Alphas I used. I created them with a mix of Illustrator, Photoshop, and Substance Designer.

I hope you enjoy it!
Best of luck to everyone :)

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Update - 4 Jan 2024

16 more days?! really?
I'm using this additional time to work on something like...

Update - 31 Dec 2023

Let's go baby!

Update - 31 Dec 2023

Nice to see you again, I worked all night on base color and roughness.
I Already put some details, but probably I'll add something more. I have to work on the thin details of texture...It doesn't seems real yet...

Update - 30 Dec 2023

Hi Everyone!
I know... I started late but I wanna try anyway to deliver something cool!
This is the height, now I'm starting Roughness and base Color.
I'll come back to you soon with some updates!