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Iridescent Creature
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Iridescent Creature

Meet Mat 3 contest entry.

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Update - 19 Jan 2024

Iridescent Creature - WIP III + Final renders

Final update and final renders for submission:

Progression slide from substance:

Quick summary on steps
1. Sculpt transfer to height map
2. Added heigh/normal detail on skin and around face + base
3. Working on base materials + starting the feathers
4. Iridescent paiting on feathers using masks and hand paint. Experimented with different layer combinations and effects.
5. Added final details and tweaks and here it is.

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Update - 12 Jan 2024

Iridescent Creature - WIP II

Finished with sculpting the base model. Just eough detaild for a base displacement map. Sculpting done in Substance Modeler. Baking maps dispplacement in substance painter next.

Update - 29 Dec 2023

Iridescent Creature - WIP I

My concept and reference board for the projects. I wanted to play with the idea of scale-looking feathers with a iridescent effect. I plan to model the feathers and detail to create a displacement map and then ”fake” up the iridescent effect with painting the highlights on substance. Want to add details as i go.