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Sir Ginger LEGO meet mat
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Sir Ginger LEGO meet mat

Hi everyone ! here I share my Ginger Lego concept for the meet mat contest ! It is my first time taking part in a contest related to texturing. Hope you enjoy it, good luck !

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Update - 28 Dec 2023

Hi everyone ! I´m going to show you my idea for this contest. First of all, I´m very excited to participate and challenge myself. This contest is a good opportunity to see other artists, learn other ways of texturing and grow as an artist. So, let´s go !

Firstly, I made a meet mat blueprint to see his siluette and basic shapes. It gaves me a lot of information and ideas to came through the first creative step : brainstorming

After a few ideas, I decided to make a PureRef with the next topic: LEGO .  I searched references of LEGO pieces, types of buildings, colors, characters ...  I wanted to capture the style of the Lego characters

Here I leave you some renders !  It is still in process, I have to clean some edges, add more details ... Hope you like it ! 

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