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This entry is expected to present a cool and standout concept. Except for addition texturing, I try subtraction too.

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Update - 15 Jan 2024

Touch Up

To show the improvement, certain parts and components are touched up to match the overall style well and make it more logical.

Three touch-ups : Skull color is adjusted to match the rib color, rust is added to the robotic arm, and dirt and scratches are added to the boots.

Robotic Arm Rust

The previous robotic arm is too new to match with the broken and damaged image for the overall style. Similar levels of rusting and scratches are added to the metal shell.

Leather Boots Wear

The previous boot texturing is too new and shiny. As the damage to the metal skull and clothing is so serious, of course the boots need to be as old as the mentioned accessories. 

Roughness increased, Dirt added, Scratch added

Skull Color

The skull color is toned down and recolored to match the ribs color.

Final Render

The latest version of the full-body render after retouch.

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Update - 30 Dec 2023

Full Body Render

Perspective view and Front view render with 4096x2160 pixels using the camera provided.

Render_Cam_Perspective and Render_Cam_Front

Extra Render

Extra renders to view the structure and texture closely.

Process View (DETAILS)

Extra process views to show the way I add on the extra components to the model in detail.

1.   Beads

2.   Head

3.   Ribs /Thoracic

4.   Cloth

5.   Robotic Arm

6.   Boots

Beads:   stroke - refine edges - thickness - hair texture - render

Honeycomb:   damage opacity - thickness - honeycomb - damage opacity - render

Ribs:   texture base - opacity - thickness - refine - render

Seam:   texture base - thickness - refine - touch up - render

Robotic Arm:   texture base - thickness & components - color & refine - touch up - render

Boots:   select base - structure - refine - touch up - render

Update - 29 Dec 2023

Process View

A simple view of the process from a thought to a 3D render. The process is basically as follows: 2D concept, experimentation and structuring, texturing, refinement and touch-up, and rendering.

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Update - 27 Dec 2023

Experiment the Possibility

To know/prove the possibility and how far I can push my idea, I experiment and try different methods to achieve the concept. Roughly apply skills and knowledge, sometimes through trial and error, to observe the effect. There are a lot of stacking, layering, masking, and anchoring arrangements used to achieve the outcome.

Update - 25 Dec 2023

Concept & Moodboard

This is the concept of a half-mecha and a half-bio futuristic character. Unlike zombies, biomecha was not infected by an immutable virus but by the coordination between the dynamics of robot movement and organic support. The highlight of this texturing idea is the hollow thoracic and the red color marks.

Hollow Thoracic: The hollow thoracic can be a challenging and interesting part of texture.

RED: There is heavy red rust on metal parts and blood on the skeleton. Red is also the similarity that can be presented between two materials to bridge the artificial and the organic.