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C'mon Camera Mat
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C'mon Camera Mat

With great pleasure I present to you "C'MON" my entry for the MEET MAT 3 CONTEST. Check out the whole post to discover the key steps in creating my piece! Hope you like it!

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Update - 2 Jan 2024

Hello everyone! My name is Giacomo aka Paul Various.

This is my FINAL UPDATE for The Meet MAT 3 Contest, representing BigRock Istitute of Magic Technologies. Everything you see is done with displacement. No extra geometry has been added! 

Check out the whole post to discover my working process! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

I kicked off my work with an extensive search for references, drawing inspiration from various sources. These references served as the foundation for my work.

Below you can see all the costum alphas I created for this project. Some of them made it to the final version some were just place holders or simply bad ideas. (lol)

The "modeling" was done entirely in Substance Painter using only displacement.

I started with the general shapes. Once these were completed, after checking that everything was working correctly, I began to modify them adding various details and textures.

The most complex part has been for sure the Front Camera Lens and since a lot of you asked how I made it, below you can find a little breakdown of the process;)

As you can see, the main trick that allowed me to achieve such an extrusion was to use not one but two different overlapping alphas as the starting base.

All the details, such as the red line or the dents on the border, that appear to be modeled on the side of the lens are actually on the front of one of the two alphas, but due to the strong displacement, they get stretched on the sides.

Another big challenge was being able to find coherence between all the parts of the model to make it both good-looking and functional as if it could be a truly functioning camera.

Thank you for watching!

I had soo much fun doing this!

I wish the best to all participants, I saw some really amazing entries! Can't wait to see them all finished!

A huge shout-out to the organizers, judges and sponsors for giving us the opportunity to participate in the third edition of this contest!

Best, Paul Various

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Update - 28 Dec 2023

Hola! Time for a new quick update.

I'm almost done with all the details, now it's just a matter of tweaking them to find the best composition.

I'm still trying to figure out how to do the base.

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Update - 22 Dec 2023

Time for another update! Super happy about how all the little details are coming together!

More is coming in the next few days! Stay tuned

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Update - 15 Dec 2023

Blocking out the small details. Head done, now it's time for the body. Still figuring out how to do the base.

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Update - 11 Dec 2023

Almost done with the big shapes! I will post all the alphas I used at the end of the process. 

No extra geometry was harmed during the process ;D

Update - 9 Dec 2023

Hola! This is my entry for the MeetMat 3 Contest. For the challenge, I took inspiration from the Canon's cameras. This is an early WIP but I'm really happy about how the big shapes are coming together! I will post the next steps here soon... See ya!