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Meet Mat 3 - Wooden Cat
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Meet Mat 3 - Wooden Cat

My entry for the Meet Mat 3 challenge! I wanted to make a carved wooden figure and decided to make it a cat as well because they're cute.

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Update - 8 Dec 2023

I added some clothes and accessories to give him more character. I also played around with the displacement a bit more to make the face rounder.

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Update - 7 Dec 2023

I was looking through Pinterest for inspiration when I came across a really cute cat carved out of wood and I immediately fell in love with the idea. I started by gathering some reference images and looking at different types of carved wood and then I got started on trying to recreate that texture in Substance Painter. I spent a lot of time on this since its going to be the base for everything else. I also played around with displacement to achieve the look of the cat ears. 

The next step will be to draw some clothes for the little guy.