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Monster Mat
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Monster Mat

Mat reimagined as a cute little monster of a trouble maker. Using height maps for depths and emission for a bioluminescent flesh aesthetic.

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Update - 15 Jan 2024

Added more monster-like features and changed colour scheme.

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Update - 14 Dec 2023

Switched to using height and painting on a black mask.

With negative and positive height to make a sense of depth.

Using built-in displacement and tessellation in Substance painter instead of a height map texture.

Added a spine and eyes based on my concept art.

Update - 7 Dec 2023

Monster Mat concept art.

Using a texture as a height map to simulate depth while keeping Mat in the original shape.

Mixing biological flesh, bones and teeth with bioluminescent effect will hopefully generate a creepy and unnerving effect in the cute and compact form that is Mat.