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Buzz Lightyear - Meet Mat 3
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Buzz Lightyear - Meet Mat 3

I'll be making regular updates to this project where possible, the end goal is a finished buzz lightyear meet mat!

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Update - 4 Dec 2023

04/12/2023 - Basic colour concept: 
Here I began adding some very basic colours to give me a general direction for how it may look in the final concept. I also played around with the displacement to see how it will affect the model. I used displacement on the hips to try and match the shape of my reference.
I will continue to work on the colour blocking before working with materials.

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Update - 1 Dec 2023

01/12/2023 (3pm) - Idea Generation and Reference Gathering:
For the Meet Mat Contest, I have decided to turn Mat into Buzz Lightyear, the awesome Intergalactic Space Ranger from Toy Story. This choice was fuelled by my love for Toy Story, alongside wanting to create something within the limits of displacement. I feel that this choice is well suited for my art style and the timeframe, I'll keep updating as I progress further!