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Meet Mat: The Fishman
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Meet Mat: The Fishman

My submission for the Meet Mat competition, which combines people who live in the water with those who fight fire with water

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Update - 18 Jan 2024

And now I'm able to present the finished product of this thrilling work to you. I realize it may not be on par with many of the incredible pieces I've seen in this contest, but even with my limited time, I tried my best.

I hope you'll found it worthwhile.

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Update - 18 Jan 2024

I know I'm a little bit late on this project but here is my second Update to my FireFish.

In this Update i wanted to show some easy displacement on the equipment and clothes to start off making some details. For the face i created an alfa and a normal map starting from an image i made. 

Update - 23 Dec 2023

As a first update, I wanted to show you the finished base and some basic colors and displacement to create a simple blockout.

The base is meant to be a road manhole with a simple fireman's hose in the back. For the Body i used some simple reflective colors to recreate the idea of fireproof materialsI haven't even started on the face yet, as I'm just trying out some effects to get it as close to's beautiful concept

Update - 28 Nov 2023

Heres my entry for the Meet-Mat 3 Contest: I would like to introduce you to The FishMan, the first cute little fish who attempts to overcome his fears of fire in order to help others. He has the same equipment as other firefighters, but he keeps his face hidden in a bowl.

For the first step, I present to you the beautiful concept made by followed by some AI-generated images created to perfectly explain how the final work will be

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