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Meet Mat Astronomical Clock
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Meet Mat Astronomical Clock

My entry for the Meet Mat contest inspired by astronomical and measuring instruments.

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Update - 25 Nov 2023

I'd been wanting to do a 3D project on clocks or astronomy for a long time. I love measuring instruments of the 18th century. I'm fascinated by the complexity and precision of these magnificent objects.

When I started my research for the meet mat, I immediately thought of the refs I'd taken at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris, in the scientific instruments gallery. Then I looked further and I find the Prague astronomical Clock on Pinterest. And I wanted to combine these two ideas into one.

My idea is to represent the meet mat as an 18th century clock furniture, with a black marble base and gold ornamentation, with multiple clocks, the big one on the head, and 3 little ones on the body.

My PureRef document

2D concept with color test

I can't wait to start texturing this little meetmat boy, and to see what the other students will produce !

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