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Dragon Ninja
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Dragon Ninja

In this first phase I am devoting myself to the study and research of the concept. I would like to make a design that satisfies me artistically but also fits the character. I like substance very much and will work hard to use it to the fullest. I hope to post the final concept soon

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Update - 15 Dec 2023

Hi, Sorry for the absence but it was very difficult to choose among all the ideas in my head.

It has been intense weeks of testing and research, this is the end result: A ninja warrior dragon.

The main subject I started with was my passion for dragons and in particular Dragon Trainer.

I wanted to create a character inspired by Toothless so my Ninja Dragon was born.

His Suit is made like the skin of dragons, complete with ridges from the hood all the way down the back.

To give him more character I, then, added other elements such as bandages on the hands, shoulder straps and belt. I do not exclude that during texturing I might add other elemnts.

For now I post a quick sketch of the concpet and the references used.
 it's time to start !

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Update - 24 Nov 2023

Hi everyone i'm a 3D artist and i'm really excited to participate at the Meet Mat 3.
It's my first contest, i hope to have fun and learn new skills to grow as an artist.