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Next-Gen 3D Character Design & 3D Environment Design

Next-Gen 3D Character Design & 3D Environment Design

Nick Hong
by nickhong on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

I learned a lot of skills and techniques that required to become a 3D artist during a years, thanks to all my teachers and the school Mages Institute of Excellence Singapore. Here are the best of my works during a year.

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3D Character Design - This Egyptian Goddess is a next-gen character design for my school project, inspired by Assassin Creed: Origin. This involve almost 4 months to make the character, including the accessories such as headgear, necklace and armor etc., and I need to learn so many software like zBrush, 3DsMax etc. and skills such as UV mapping, normal map, posting and presentation skill etc. in order to take the quality of my 3d character to this level.



Waist Armor, Snake Belt and Hand Accessories

Cinematic and Turntable Videos

Stylized 3D Asset Creation - Mayan Warrior Memorial Fountain: Low poly fountain for my school 3D Props creation project. Textures was all hand-painted in Photoshop.

Medieval Rabbit House - A hand-painted house for a school animation project.

3D Environment Design - An abandon old mansion that inspired by Resident Evil 7. After creating all the interior and exterior of the building and other props, I put them into Unity and turn it into a horror game.

It was a fun process to create this game, such as the doors open, all the jump scare and the other little things, from 3D asset creation to texturing, from coding to lighting the environment.

Game Design & Development - The Abandon Mansion Walkthrough

Polish the Exterior & Interior- I remade the UV mapping and normal map baking, texturing in Substance Painter.

Some Assets that Created for the Environment

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