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Alexander Cox- Creature Concept Artist

Alexander Cox- Creature Concept Artist

Alexander Cox
by alexandercox on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Here is my submission for the Rookie Awards 2023.

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Hi, my name is Alexander Cox and I am a creature concept artist located in Philadelphia, PA. I graduated from the University of the Arts in May 2022 and I am a current mentee with the Concept Art Association. I specialize in photorealistic creature design.

The Horned Scholar

The first of two aliens as part of my Creature Design Mentorship with Constantine Serkeris through the Concept Art Association. My goal for this character was to really juxtapose the character’s physiology and his costume. In stature, he is a tank but as a character, he is a scholar. 

 One design challenge I ran into was, would a shirt be uncomfortable with all the spines on his shoulders. I ended up deciding on a vest, paired with a cloak.

Amphibious Art Critic

The second creature I made as part of my mentorship, this creature was a really fun design to put together. Again my process for this started with a head sketch and built up From there. When it came to costuming/character I wanted something slimy to match the alien’s design. I was torn between club owner and art critic but ended up landing on the art critic.

Dragon Riders

Part of a larger personal project, these are some saddles for dragon racing. I am in the process of creating a grounded steampunk world that lands somewhere between Guillermo del Toro’s work and The Prestige. The dragon itself is highly inspired by the velociraptor. 

Primate Alien

For this personal project, I wanted to really explore the range of a species.

Mid Flight Nap

With this piece, I wanted to put one of my creatures in a story beat.

Other Aliens

Some various other aliens I have created

Thank you!

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