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Japanese Feudal city Level Design UE5

Japanese Feudal city Level Design UE5

Carlos Ignacio Loza Pérez
by CarlosLoza on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My first Level Design creates for the Rookie's Creator Contest 2023. I have been Studying for a Master's in UE5 at "The Factory School" for 7 months and this is my first project alone, Improving my Unreal Skills, modeling, texturizing, and Lighting. As my first complete project, I'm so proud of the final result.

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Here is my first complete level design project in Unreal Engine 5, made for my Master's degree in Unreal Engine by Factoria Hub as my entry for the contest The Rookies 2023 in the game design category.

The project is a fully playable Feudal Japanese city, with buildings, stores, and a deep forest with interest points.

Some of the assets are taken for the Unreal marketplace Store, Feudal Japan megapack, and Megascans, and finished with models and photogrammetry modeled and texturized by myself to add more life to the environment.

Landscapes are created with the Brushify System.

Lumen Illumination.

Music made by myself in Garage Band.

This city is designed to be a main city that functions as a rest area, so I wanted to achieve a feeling of spaciousness and peace for the player when moving through this area.

Pastel colors predominate in the visual composition of the environment, using the sky and cherry blossoms as composition elements to achieve a Blue/Pink color palette.

The project is created in Unreal Engine, taking advantage of its level system, the elements are separated into sublevels allowing modifications between them without touching the main level.

1. Landscape -> 2. Floor-> 3. Walls and stairs -> 4. Main buildings -> 5. Housing

6. miscellany -> 7. Stores -> 8. objects -> 9. vegetation -> 10. FX

With the minimap, you can see the city split into parts, and the interesting point, each place has differences from the other.

Here you can see a small explanation of the development and importance of each one for the development of a complete level experience for the player and what sense each one has in the creation of a city that really seems inhabited and that its construction is related to the development of activities within it.

1. Town square: The center of the village, where we have the center of the action in this map. Task, Storyline conversations, basic stores and a place for Save and Heal yourself.

2. Market: The place with more life of the city, here you can find merchants with different types of Stores, where you can buy, sell and exchange materials and continue your story.

3. Temple: The main building in the city.

4. Dragon´s garden: secondary zone created for hidden easter eggs or Special Items for the adventure.

5. Peasant zone: the entrance that surrounds the city behind a wall area with farm fields and residences of the peasants.

Normally in the cities on the outskirts, you can find the houses of the lower class, more related to fieldwork and in turn acts as a barrier between the wall and the center of the city, maintaining a structure of the body and heart of the city ​​trying to simulate a natural growth of a Human community.

6. Housing Area: Residencial zone of the city, walking around the houses of the village with paths that extend through stairs at various heights and places of interest.

The streets are adorned with vegetation and ornamentation to give the streets a little more life and it has a hidden sand patio where citizens carry out activities to relax in the center of the city.

7. Interest Areas: three different areas outside the wall for exploring and completing tasks around the city that enrich the surroundings of the town and allow to find some variations in the biome that make the area attractive to explore.

The paths are designed to guide the player with gaps in the path where the grass growing on the ground is more yellowed and worn to simulate the passage of a busy path that guides you to the points of interest in a subtle way to discover the areas. keys of this level of the game.

Interest Area 1: Lion´s strait.

a rocky path with a lot of vegetation guarded by giant statues of bronze lions, where you can see the remains of being the place of an ancient battle.

Interest Area 2: Ganesha cave.

The cave was built by the ancestors who created the village to worship the deity Ganesha, Protector of the city, surrounded by a calm lake that reflects the fire that always emanates from the statue as a symbol of power and divinity.

The cave was created to practice interior lighting in turn combined with an indirect light from outside that reflects on the figure extolling its silhouette inside the cave.

indirect interior + exterior lighting.

Interest Area 3: South Flowers´s Altar Prayer.

small outdoor prayer altar located on a hill of great beauty full of vegetation and tulip flowers that only grow on the hill of this mountain, so the inhabitants of the city usually go on pilgrimage in search of flowers or the prayer altar.

1.Assets created and/or Texturized by me. -> 2. Asset for Feudal city megapack. -> 3. vegetation. -> 4.megascans.

For this level I took almost all prefabricated models with the intention of focusing on creating with these tools a level of video game that is as professional and beautiful as possible, thus creating an idea that I had in my head for a long time, but in the course of creating it I I have seen a lack of resources that I have had to find elsewhere or, on the contrary, CREATE THEM MYSELF, since I lacked elements to give life to the outer zone of the city and statues that would give the city that history and longevity that I I had in mind to represent the player, so I got to work, adding and removing many ideas, concepts, models, textures and adding many others to the level design, which has resulted in this beautiful village that represents My first Complete Level design and Environment artist project.

Thank you very much for your time, Regards.

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