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BAERTSOEN Reinard - Gameplay Prototypes

BAERTSOEN Reinard - Gameplay Prototypes

by rbaertsoen on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello everyone, I'm Reinard. And for my first ever entry to The Rookies, I figured I'd show you some of my gameplay prototypes. Hope you enjoy!

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Space Swarm

Space Swarm is a challenging arcade game that tests your survival skills. You're the only hope for the last space station against the ruthless alien invasion. Upgrade your defenses and match the enemy's strength. Can you protect the station and save humanity?

My teammates:
Senne De Boeck (developer)
Simon Bruyneel (sound designer + developer)
Yerlin Marissen Blanco (artist)


The game is about a robot who got stuck with an evil AI, which is learning by observing.

Every time the player uses an ability, the AI observes it and translates it into an obstacle. Meaning that the player makes their own life easier, if they restrict themselves from using abilities.

Cave Light

In ‘Cave Light’ you play as a lone explorer that got stuck in a cave, luckily you’ve got some glowsticks. Find out what they can be used for.

Business Massacre

In the game, you play as a burnt out intern, who just realised the evil's of a business. So, instead of just quitting, you decide on taking it down. "How?" you might ask. It's simple, you commit a business massacre.

My teammates:
Valère Maes (developer + artist)
Jenna Van Wezemael (artist)
Florian Devriere (developer)

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