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Personal Portfolio

Personal Portfolio

by yusnalim on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A collection of my personal projects that I did during my third year in college.

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Puppet Master

Puppet Master is a story inspired by a Chinese historical character Wu Ze Tian, who was the only female emperor in China history. The main character is a Queen who wants to seize the world by controlling everyone with her 'puppets', letting her citizens to believe that she is mighty and immortal so she builds a giant robot and stored herself inside it. The whole idea of Puppet Master is to recreate my own Chinese steampunk world and merge in some traditional Chinese elements.

The Fallen Empire: Rise of the Sorcerers

The Fallen Empire is about a prince who was adopted by the king and was tortured. He successfully escaped from his father and met a secret black magic cult to begin his revenge and rule the whole empire.

In this IP, I wanted to try something new with 19th century Victorian era themed.

Matte Paintings

These are some of my Matte Paintings I did during my 3rd year of college.

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