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Fillory and Further ~ RPG Pixel Art game

Fillory and Further ~ RPG Pixel Art game

Sara Zurera Rivero
by Ringlett on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi my name is Sara and I'm a Concept Art student from FX Barcelona Film School. I always liked the indie and Pixel Art games so here I created a fusion between them and one of my favourite TV shows. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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Fillory and Further. This is a project I've made based on the TV series The Magicians (Syfy), specifically the book series that appears on this show. This project shows a version for an RPG Videogame inspired by Children of Mana (Nintendo DS) art. You will see the character designs and their pixel art version. The game is suposed to be 100% in pixel art except in moments of conversation of the plot.

Jane Chatwin, the main character. One day she enters through a grandfather clock into a whole new world, called Fillory! A kingdom ruled only by children of the earth...

The magical Grandfather Clock that Jane traversed to reach the great kingdom of Fillory.

Ember and Umber, the twin Gods of Fillory. They created this world and they make the rules! They only want to have a good time, but if they don't like you, they can kick you out.

The Watcher Woman, the villain in this epic story. She can make time magic and cast a spell on you, so beware!

And lastly, here we have the forest protector, the guardian fairy, Fae. She is in charge of protecting the Virgo Blade from whoever tries to steal it.

The 7 Questing Beasts, they will help you in the progress of your adventure. Each of them will let you use their power to fight enemies more easily.

Here I drop some In-game simulation conversations. 

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