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William Stevens
by WilliamDrakeArt on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello I am a 27 Year old self taught Concept artist. All of these projects are a culmination of everything that I have learned over the past 2 years on my journey to becoming a professional in the concept art industry. Thanks for checking it out!

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"The Bounty" starts off with "Dom", our main character, tracking a high profile target to a remote planet off the grid. Dom arrives on the planet and lands his spacecraft to find himself in a very strange unfamiliar terrain covered with various types of plants and fungus. White rocky spires twist and turn throughout the terrain creating a chaotic maze like environment. Dom exits his ship and begins to dial in the location of his target using a small handheld mapping system. After locating his target Dom begins to traverse deeper into the alien terrain and eventually finds himself stumbling onto some sort of ancient altar that appears to be pulsating with some strange yet powerful energy.


Here are the keyframe following Dom as he searches for his target before stumbling upon an ancient altar. I also included raw 3d renders for each keyframe showing a before and after paintover phase.

Asset turntables and callouts

Here I have put together some turntables and design callouts for the assets I designed for this project.

Asset design exploration sketches

Here are some of the exploration sketches I did in the early stages of this project to help myself establish the world.

"The Invasion" is the next project I will be showing. "The Invasion" starts with a detachment of soldiers sent to scout ahead during an icy blizzard in a large mechanical walking tank-like vehicle. While on the scouting mission a large unknown creature becomes visible on the horizon throwing the soldiers into a frenzy, in order to defend themselves against the creature, they begin an offensive attack.


Here are the keyframes I made to show the scouting detachment as the venture forward into the blizzard and eventually engage the enemy.

Asset callouts and exploration

Here i have included a blender viewport render of the vehicle to show it from several different angles, a callout sheet, and several exploration sketches in different stages of my process.

"Medieval Back and Forth" was the most recent Artstation Challenge that I participated in The brief for the ENvironment Design category was (create two (2) environments that fit within the theme of Medieval: Back and Forth. One environment will be the backdrop of a medieval scene where modern-day people and their influences are beginning to shape architecture, public spaces and environments. The second environment will be a modern-day scene where medieval visitors and their influences are shaping our architecture, public spaces and environments.

Within this brief I created a story to design around which was based on the idea that a powerful medieval order of modern scientists infiltrated the past in order to influence historical outcomes in the modern world. One way they will influence history is by constructing and establishing labs for the purpose of augmenting medieval soldiers with modern-day prosthetics and technology. The first environment I did was to show what this lab would look like. For the Second Environment I wanted to show what a Citadel of the order would look like in a modern world.

Asset Callouts and Exploration

Here i have included a blender viewport render of the first environment scene to show it from several different angles, callout sheets, and several exploration sketches in different stages of my process.

Various concepts and Keyframes

Thanks for taking the time to view my portfolio! Best of luck to everyone who puts in all the hard hours day in and day out into being a creator!

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