GALMARD Annabelle's portfolio

GALMARD Annabelle's portfolio

Annabelle GALMARD
by Annabelle on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello, I'm Annabelle Galmard, here is my portfolio following my 3 years of concept art studies at Bellecour Ecole.

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Personal project: The Glasgow Paradox

These are the 3 enemy levels from my game.

Here's the last stage of my game. 

Personal project: Septem

Here is the Sloth stage from my seven deadly sins game.

This is my character design for Lust.

Side projects

This is my representation of an undead warrior.

These are 2 redesigns and 3 original characters inspired by the Zelda game, in a cartoon style.

This is a personal representation of the original tale of "The brave little tailor" in a papercutting victorian horror style.

The goods for the "Sweet life bakery" management game. 

Some additional works for my portfolio.

Thanks to all my professors and friends who supported me during those 3 years at Bellecour Ecole.

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