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Hello, I'm Gabriel, one of the seven students in Game Art that worked on "Katabasis". This video game is our graduation project and will confirm that we are ready to start working in the industry! We worked for six weeks on the 3D models and two weeks on the integration, so eight weeks in total. Five game develo

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We are proud to present to you the video game project Katabasis. This 4 vs 1 game is inspired by Evolve, Overwatch, and Dead by Deadlight in terms of gameplay.

The art is inspired by Lovecraftian designs, Destiny, Psyops skins from League of Legends, Scorn, and many others. 

In our game, you'll either play one of four mercenaries armed with different weapons or one of two deadly monsters serving Thanatos' matriarch.

Let's first discover our players characters!

Players can choose between an assault rifle, an SMG (submachine gun), a sniper rifle, or a grenade launcher.
 Their goal is kill the monster but also  destroy the altar that allows the alien Matriarch to revive her deadly followers. 

They also have accessories and skills to achieve their goal, like smoke bombs, electric or spike traps, propelled shoes, grappling guns, and hologram projection of a double.

Here is the final look of our mercenaries !

And now, our fierce monsters!

First, the Vestal, she's a swift alien creature with magical powers. She can teleport and shoot the mercenaries from far away. Perfect for players that like to harass their opponents from a distance.

Secondly, we have the Pretorian: a violent monster who will crush the mercenaries with his giant weapon and devastating blows. Perfect for players who enjoy a good brawl!

Here is our two alien monster's final look!

Our game also has a merchant. A mysterious being that doesn't seem hostile, at least for now...

We don't know what they are, but he sure likes money. The accessories they sell are necessary to survive the warfare against bloodthirsty aliens.

Though we aren't animators, we are taught how to rig, skin, and pose our models. Our programmers/game developers used retargeting and animation packs for most of our models, except this merchant, who's so unique that he was custom animated by Lucas Nester. (ReTseN)

Here's our environment assets, we used this kit to build all ou game maps. Then it was just a question of achieving the right ambiances.

Most our materials and textures were created with Substance Designer.

Here are the Matriach's altars the mercenaries needs to destroy to win the game, and the alien needs to defend at all costs.

Here's a video of me checking how my character's looks like in the game once animated and able to attack. I tried my best to speak in English but you can feel the stress!

And here is a video showing one of our game dev working on the place were mercenaries can be resurrected.

The game will be available on Steam soon! The graphist team is done with their work, but the five-game developers will work on it longer to optimize it for gameplay.

I hope you enjoyed Katabasis! We are very proud of what our small team of seven people achieved in 8 weeks!

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