Elena Vorabouth - Environment Showreel 2022/2023

Elena Vorabouth - Environment Showreel 2022/2023

Elena Vorabouth
by Elenavh on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Here's three projects i've worked on during my last two years as an Environment / Assembly / Lookdev artist at New3dge school. Hope you'll like it !

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Lethal is a short film I worked on with my team for 6 months, during my final year of VFX degree. 
It's about a special agent breaking into a squat on his mission to destroy a clandestine bio-weapon's lab. 

For this project, I had to make four environments, simply inspired by suburban houses.

To do so, I started by searching for architecture and furniture references on websites such as Wayfair, then I checked existing licences like The Last Of Us or The Divison for room arrangements and props references. 

Finally, I made quick concepts to pick the final design choices. 

The Kitchen

The Living Room

The Lab

The Bedroom

The Basement 

TOWER 42 is a teaser I also worked on with my team for 3 months, during my final year of VFX degree.

Firefighters leaving their station to see a massive exoplanet, home to an enormous lava forest, surrounded by agnium trees.

For this teaser I only had one environment to make, based on concepts made by our school Concept Art students

Agnium Forest

Finally, SHIFT is the first short movie I worked on, realised with my team in 3 months during my first year of VFX degree. 

SHIFT  follows a heavily modified racing car, drifting in New York streets and getting caught by a police car.  

Before this project, I never did such a large scaled environment. So the main challenge for me was to realistically reproduce NY and bring life to it. 

Hope you enjoyed my work ! 

Find the Rookies Entries and the team members for each project here:

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TOWER 42  - 


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