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My 1st year DAE Howest student work

My 1st year DAE Howest student work

Daan van Splunter
by Daanvs27 on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Here is a showcase of the projects I have done as a first year student at Howest Digital Arts and Entertainment GGP. I added a couple personal project throughout the post.

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School Project - WeaponCraft

This is my result for the assignment WeaponCraft Game art. The model is made in Maya and the texture is hand painted in Substance Painter with some final touches in Photoshop. We had to make a World of Warcraft inspired weapon/tool. I loved working on this project but I could have spend a little more time in the Design phase. Overall I'm really happy with the results of this project!

School Project - Flying Circus

The assignment was to create a stylized airplane. The textures are fully hand painted in Substance Painter and some final touches in Photoshop, the model is made in Maya.

School Project - Watch Tower

This is a tool I made in Houdini to create multiple different watchtowers. This project was a lot of fun but also a lot of stress. This is only my second Procedural project in Houdini so I'm really new to all this technical stuff. I really enjoyed to make this procedural tool and this will definitely not be my last tool.

Workshop - Unreal Engine Introduction

This is a small project I made. I made this project as a introduction to Unreal Engine. The scene is made with Quixel Bridge 3D scans. The target of this project was to learn how Unreal is used to build environments and set the mood/lighting. I focused to get realistic lighting, I'm really happy with the results for the first time Unreal engine. The whole scene is made and rendered in Unreal and some final color corrections in Photoshop. The overall project took me 6 hours.

School Project - Retro

We had to make a high poly model of a vintage/retro kitchen device. I went with the famous "SMEG" coffee machine. In this project we had the focus on the high poly workflow I learned a lot about poly loops and poly flow.

Personal Project - Acoustic Guitar 2022

This is my final product I made for my Buas intake. It was a very nice project from which I learned a lot. From PBR workflow to making a nice render in Marmoset. I made the model in Blender and textures in substance painter. I eventually rendered it in Marmoset. This was the first time i worked with PBR workflow and Marmoset I LOVE IT!. I am really happy how the model and texutures turned outt

School Project - The Tower

School Project - UpHill

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