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2022-2023 Showcase

2022-2023 Showcase

Tatiana Devos
by hasu on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My name is Tatiana Devos. I'm a last year student at Digital Arts & Entertainment Howest, and this Rookies submissions showcases my digital journey of 2022-2023, where i explored new media and expanded my knowledge on a variety of subjects. Hope you like it! ♥

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Medieval House

My first submission is this modular medieval house I created during my Erasmus program at the University of Hertfordshire. This was the perfect opportunity to improve my modular building skills while also further practicing my texturing on a smaller scale. It was so much fun to see this small house get together and build its surroundings!

The 2D concept was made by Jang Sumin

Snow Valley

I made this snowy environment during the summer to improve my Niagara and composition skills, aswell as doing some research on material functions. As a fun bonus, I worked together with Anse Vandevelde to create an awesome snow simulation that fits the surroundings!

The environment is made entirely with Quixel Megascans, considering asset creation was not my priority for this project. Using material functions i created a layer of snow that covers the whole scene. and using niagara particles i created a small snow storm to add some extra immersion to the scene.

Windmill Village

This is a cozy windmill village I made at the end of last school year! This was my first take on creating a larger-scale stylized environment, and I feel like I learned the most during this project.

I really wanted this scene to be an environment in which a player can freely walk and explore. Having a limited timeframe to work in learned me how to optimize my workflow to a maximum, and even though this project was full of fairly new concepts and techniques, I do feel that I achieved my personal goal and set a good foundation of knowledge for further projects!

Queen Azshara Bust

I've always wanted to learn more about character creation, and during my Erasmus at the University of Hertfordshire I could finally do so! Of course i had to re-create Queen Azshara, and I had so much fun with it!

Cell Phone

During my internship I had the opportunity to take my first steps in Blender. To get more comfortable with the program, and learn more about unlit texturing, I decided to make this cute cellphone.
To add some life to this project, I worked together with Stef Bracke to add some funky animations!

The 2D concept was made by Alexandrin Damascan

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