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Game Art 2021-2023 New3dge

Game Art 2021-2023 New3dge

Benjamin Kretschmann
by BenjaminKretschmann on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My last project during my courses in new3dge. A third person stylised game in which you take on the role of an air pirate. And a third person realistic game in the ancient egypt that will leave you shaking. Two project bonus at the end.

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Environment / Lighting / Level design / Tech / Texturing

This project was a challenge for me, i've never tried to work on a stylised and hand paint project.
I worked on the level design, sound design, lighting and  tech, for the props i have mostly used Trimesh and parralax.

Hope you enjoy.


For this game i have created a quest system with multiple choices.

Our first quest giver was a strange doctor who needed a building to suit his look. so i set up a fully modular trimMesh kitbuilding so that it could be reused elsewhere in the environment.


Environment / Lighting / Texturing

An ancient egyptian temple awakens after centuries of slumber. A project done in 5 month with a team of 3 environment artist and 5 character artist.
I was here on charge of creating the BossRoom,
I choosed to use nanite and lumen with a new workflow i worked on.
Most of the assets were done in trim mesh on zbrush designer and painter to keep a good optimization.

I have also work on the trailer with Moheb Naguib and Vincent d'Andrea.


Environment / lighting / tech

Last year project, my first project with a group, i worked on the exterior.


Personal old bonus project because i enjoy this kind of mood

I would now like to thank the New3dge school and our supervisor Mickaël Floury  for all the teaching they have provided me for this master's degree, as well as the various artist i have been able to work with on these projects:

Roebuck :

Environment :

Valentin LEFEVRE, Hippolyte Gely 

Character Artist : 

Raphael Banget, Moheb naguib, Yohan houel, Mathis Boumedjmadjen

Karnak :

Environment : 

Estelle panel, Vincent d'Andrea

Character Artist : 

Ludivine Bellot , Armande Lecointre, Moheb Naguib, Jean-jacques Dumas, Maxime Leroy

FX Artist :

Léo Zhang

Concept Artist : 

Regin Wellander, Marius Villard, Anne fichet, Noel Martins

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