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Character Work 2022 - Gnomon - Roman Schmelzer

Character Work 2022 - Gnomon - Roman Schmelzer

Roman Schmelzer
by RSchmelzerArt on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My final 3 character pieces I made at Gnomon before graduating. Learned a lot from my instructors at Gnomon and from the countless mistakes I made along the way. New work from this year coming soon post Gnomon.

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Northern Warrior - Based on concept by Igor Krstic

My final game ready piece from my time at Gnomon. Learned a lot of new techniques making this piece for all my hair and fur card work. Did a lot of hand placing curve by curve of hair cards in Maya and eventually switched to Houdini using the new grooming system and a hair card node. Everything rendered real time in Unreal Engine. A large thank you to my Gnomon Instructor Damon Woods for the amazing feedback and advice while making this piece! Extra info below.

Guardian of the Forest - Original Concept

Creature piece I made while taking a creature sculpting class at Gnomon. Concept is my own inspired by Diablo and Warhammer Fantasy. Had a lot of fun making this and learned a lot from the awesome Jared Krichevsky who taught the course. Made with Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine.

Boagrius - Concept based on actor Nathan Jones in the movie Troy (2004)

My first portfolio piece I had created for my character portfolio at Gnomon. Made based off the character "Boagrius" in Troy with the likeness of Nathan Jones. Initially it was just an anatomy study sculpt but then decided to turn it into a game ready character. Was my first time rendering characters in Unreal Engine with this piece and was a great learning experience and confidence builder for my pieces going forward.

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