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EN ROUE LIBRE - Short Movie

EN ROUE LIBRE - Short Movie

"En Roue Libre" is a graduation short film created at Bellecour Ecole. It was such an enriching experience where we all learned a lot about teamwork in production.

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"En Roue Libre" is a wacky comedy where two characters who are complete opposites compete in a bicycle race to win the first place. Marley, a young and persistent ram, is full of dreams and determination, while Sylvio, the multi-medalist deer, sees Marley as a worthy adversary. Their prideful rivalry will turn into a real confrontation, not without risks. But beyond finishing first, Marley harbors a much deeper desire: to follow in his father's footsteps by winning the race with his precious bike...

All the concepts were made by :
Lou-Ann METTEMBERG, Léonard LAM, Louise BENETTI, Annabelle GALMARD, Elise STEFAN & Orphée STOUPY-WARIN.

Matte paints by Mattias MENDONCA

These are our characters : Marley & Sylvio

Here's a pedaling cycle of our characters on their bikes.

We have developed modular cottages that are specifically designed to make set dressing easier. Additionally, these cottages are rigged in a way that allows for effortless modification and deformation.

Here you can find our process for image composition, starting from concept development and progressing through layout to the final image.

Here's a 3D breakdown of a shot in the forest.

You can observe the entire process here, starting from the animatic and layout stages, followed by animation and the final result.

Some images from the movie : 

You can watch the full movie here : 

This is our movie poster ! 


Lucas RETIF : Lead, Animation, Rigging, Pipeline, Script & Montage

Chloé TITREN : Environement / Props Modeling, Set Dressing, Lighting & Rendering

Skander CHERIET : Animation, Layout & Storyboard

Andrés MILLET : Animation, Layout, Rendering & Montage

Maurine PONCELET : Artistic Direction, Surfacing, Chara Modeling, Look Dev, Compositing, Lighting & Script

Martin COCHET : Animation, Storyboard / Animatic, Layout & Script

Julie ZENNER : Animation, Rigging & Storyboard

Julien ONASSENKO : Environment / Props Modeling, Sculpting, Set Dressing & Lighting

Lou-Ann METTEMBERG : Lead Concept Art, Environment Design & Illustrations

Léonard LAM : Environment Design & Color Key

Louise BENETTI : Character Design & Illustrations

Annabelle GALMARD : Props Design

Elise STEFAN : Props Design

Orphée STOUPY-WARIN : Environment Design, Props Design & Illustrations

Mattias MENDONCA : Matte Painting

Nathan MARIN : 2D FX

Valentin GUAY : Sound Design, Mixing & Original Score

Thank you for your attention !

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