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A taste of my first year at DAE

A taste of my first year at DAE

Iris Paun
by irispaun on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My submission for The Rookies Awards consists of the 3 projects I am the most proud of making in this past year at DAE! Link for my diorama : Link for "The Cannon" : Link for "The Tower" :

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In my first semester studying Digital Arts and Entertainment at Howest, I modelled a diorama for my 3D 1 exam. I got inspired by Gravity Falls and as a result this project took off quite well. I'm proud of the progress I made learning the 3D software Maya in those 4 months I spent working on this scene on and off!

'The Cannon' is the first project I made for my second semester Pre-Production class. It was a fun process in which I learned how to start  a drawing in grayscale and transform it into a fully colored painting. It was quite a valuable learning experience as it helped me understand color values a lot better!

This is the second project I made for Pre-Production where we got tasked with drawing a medieval tower. The setting was completely up to us and I chose a waterfall surrounded by mountains. I loved this assignment a lot because we had more creative freedom in the overall composition of our drawings.

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