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Uliana Kmit | Wooden Hutsul Flintlock Pistol

Uliana Kmit | Wooden Hutsul Flintlock Pistol

Uliana Kmit
by UlianaKmit on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello, I love modeling texturing and developing designs for games. This is my first post on Rookies since I started my journey at Gnomon.

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Wooden Hutsul Flintlock Pistol


I am excited to upload my first project: a flintlock pistol inspired by an art piece from the talented Roman Strynaduk, done in the "props for games" workflow. It was an interesting journey with its ups and downs but also provided me with a lot of experience in this workflow.

I chose this flintlock because of my deep interest in Ukrainian tradition and folklore. This is one of a series of projects I have done that were heavily inspired by the things I grew up with and learned about throughout the years that I hope to share with others. The original pistol by Strynaduk was exclusively made as an art project in the form of a gun with no capability to shoot, which, I believe, is how every weapon should be.

It portrays Hutsul culture, an ethnic group spanning parts of western Ukraine and Romania who mainly live in the Zakarpattya region. The man on the pistol is dressed in traditional clothing and the ornaments and engravings on the other parts of the pistol depict different mythological creatures from different legends. It's a very fascinating craft that I'm very glad I got to recreate it in 3D and I hope my pistol will bring more recognition and appreciation to the talent and the beauty of Strynaduk's metalworks.


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