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3D Stylized art & Concept art | 2023 | Megan Veldt

3D Stylized art & Concept art | 2023 | Megan Veldt

Megan Veldt
by MeganVeldt on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello everyone, I am currently a first year at Dae Howest. I submitted 3D & 2D art since I am still not sure what industry part I want to focus on. This entry is an opportunity to show my growth and skills so far. Hope you enjoy!

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School Work

This is a selection of some work I did during my first year in Dae Howest

I learned alot from these projects and improved my skills. Thanks to all the feedback I received from my peers and teachers.

Crab snap

This prop was a handpainted assignment. The goal was to make a handpainted weapon in the World of Warcraft style. We first had to make thumbnails to find an interesting silhouette and design. 

I went with a pirate/sea theme and had alot of fun searching for reference and designing this weapon. 

The model is made in autodesk maya and the textures were made with substance painter. I worked with the unlit option in substance painter to really focus on the handpainted textures.

The Cannon

This was the first digital painting assignment where we started with grey values to get the different materials & values right. After that we added color and rendered it out more and really focused on getting the different materials right like wood, metal, sand etc.

Learned alot from this workflow and had alot of fun!

The Tower

For this project we had to focus on composition and making the tower the main focus / leading the eyes to the tower by using leading lines, rule of thirds, repetition  etc. 

We also had to make mood studies to get a good feeling of light and colors. 

I had alot of fun making this and painting with textured brushes. 

Flying circus

This assignment was the first game art assignment where we had to experiment with the stylized style in games. We had to choose an airplane model and exaggerate the forms and silhouette. 

I chose the fairey swordfish floatplane, because i really liked how the bottom ski's looked.

Model was made in autodesk maya and textured it in substance painter.

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