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Daboineau Axel - Game Art 2022/2023

Daboineau Axel - Game Art 2022/2023

Axel Daboineau
by AxelDaboineau on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello! I am a game art student at New3dge, specialized in environment creation, this is all the projects I did during 2022/2023. I worked on two different project AquaHeroes and Salty sails I hope you will enjoy it!

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Aqua Heroes is my second graduation project in Master Game Art at New3dge. I took part in this project as an environment artist. My role was to bring the Spaceship environment to life by creating its modelization, layout, level design, lighting, textures and Unreal Tech shader. I also had fun working as a technical shader artist on the other environments of the game.

In this top down game, a squad of 4 children is defending the earth from the invasion of mechanical monsters using water weapons. Players will have to defeat all the robots and survive the final boss in order to save the world.

5 months - 8 artists

Full project here : Aqua Heroes

Shader made with the chara/shader artist Romain Hologne
Stylized tiled map created in substance designer

Salty Sails is the first group project I have worked on during this last year of specialization at New3dge. We had 3 month to create a game from scratch. As an environment artist, I was in charge of building the Pirate Outpost by creating its modelization, layout, lighting, textures, foliage and water shader. I worked with Tom on the level design and a few props.

In this game, the player follows Weaver, a young pirate exhausted from the stench of his comrades. Therefore, he decides to go on a quest to stop this stinkiness. Help him find a cure to save his sense of smell !

3 months - 6 artists

The Team behind SaltySail:

Environment: Henry Marie Axel Daboineau Tom Joubert

Character Artist: Tiffany Le Thanh Romain Hologne

Tech/Fx: Leo Zhang


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