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Real time Environments in UE5

Real time Environments in UE5

Gabriele Stefanelli
by Gabriele on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This is my journey so far in the creation of environments and the usage of unreal engine. I gotta say this is so much fun and I've been learning something new every step of the way!

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Site N-8 | Real Time environment UE5

This project is the result of a couple months of work. The end goal was creating a playable level (with some simple interactions). I decide to create a damaged retro scifi mine. To achieve this I used modular meshes and trim textures and to really understand the process behind I decided to create everything from scratch.


This project was focus on modularity an reusability, for this reason I choose to use 2 trim textures; one for the metallic bits and one for the concrete structures.

Modular meshes:

Desert Environment

This project was aimed at recreating a 2d concept in 3d.  For this it was necessary trying different setups and continiuos tweaks, Runtime Virtual Textures where very convenient to make sure that everything was well integrated withouth any major seam.


Modern Elrod House | Archviz UE5 (baked lighting)


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