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Paris 2084

Paris 2084

This is the final project we did for our last year at New3dge. We, Morgan Pilat, Tom Joubert, Flavian Tatchi, Baya Benedetti, Morganne Lebel, Eva Lecocguen and Alice Couderc, are all happy to present you Paris 2084. Hope you'll enjoy!

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Welcome in Paris in the year 2084 ! Play a police inspector in a cyberpunk city, you'll be able to wander around the streets, and solve cases and crimes... 

Paris 2084 is a third person investigation game. We did this game demo in 5 months in Unreal Engine 5. 

Enter this new Paris...

The police inspector

The policeman

'La parisienne'

'Le parisien'

The police station

Paris city 2084

The crime scene

Project's tech

And finally, a big thank you to all the concept artists that made this beautifull project possible! 
Thank you to Noah HamiltonAlexandra TrauthBryan Zapata GNathan Agostini and Yann Leblanc.

Of course,this project wouldn't have been what it is now without the the help and support of our school administration and professors. A really big thank you to Arnaud Szobad, Adrien Lemoine, Adrien Simon, Mike-Amir El Fangi, Sophie Deschamps, Nicolas Rajohnson, Yannick Gombart, Charline Paul, Damien Brisson, Anthony Carmona, Guillaume Deschamps and Mickael Floury. Thank you Anthony Damario for the beautifull music, Fabien Crousillac for the great sound effects, and Kole Quentier for the voices. 

We hope you enjoyed! 

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