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My First Year

My First Year

by emmawettergren on 24 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi! My name is Emma Wettergren and these are some of the projects I have done during my first year at Yrgo in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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The Hotel

The brief in this group project was to come up with a hotel concept based on a specific place in the world and make sure to capture the culture and climate. My team were assigned Amsterdam and I visualized the dining area. We were inspired by the classic canal houses.

Urban Architecture

This project was a collaboration with Pixelflakes. We were provided with Revit files and PDFs from one of their previous projects "Kirklees Cultural Heart" located in Huddersfield, UK. We also got helpful feedback during the process.

My concept was to give a good idea of the location of the project and to show how the new buildings interacts with it's surroundings. The theme was a cloudy autumns day with a daytime event going on in the venue.

The Villa

In this project we were assigned to model a home based on drawings and floorplans provided by Alingsås Huspaket, together with a suitable environment made soley in 3D. In the early stages we had an individual meeting with an architect to illustrate the industry. This was my first time doing an exterior image and using V-ray, Forest Pack and Rail Clone.

The Chair

The brief of this project was to model and texture an existing chair from scratch only using pictures as reference. We were to deliver a studio, detail, wireframe and concept picture. The chair i choose for this project was "The Canvas Chair" by Børge Mogensen.

Matte Painting

The breif was to visualize an idea without relying on 3D. We started by sketching some ideas on composition and mood, then with a basic 3D base put it all together in Photoshop. 

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