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Enrico Sommariva 2023

Enrico Sommariva 2023

by EnricoS on 23 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi, I'm Enrico and I attended Skyup Academy some months ago. Since then, I have tried to improve my skills in modeling and texturing, and these are the latest works that I want to show you.

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Sci-Fi Helmet

This is the personal project I did at Skyup Academy some months ago. I had to replicate an original concept made by TwoHornsUnited. After I ended the course, I focused myself on improving my modeling and texture skills, so I was able to redo this work with better topology and textures.

I did again every piece of the helmet with better topology, this is the result

Since we did not have limitations, I UV-unwrapped the helmet in 13 UDIMS in order to have a very good texel density.

Then I exported the model to Substance Painter to texture it. I wanted to give this helmet a realistic look by simulating a paint layer over a metal base, since the concept was made with rubber, plastic, foam and other cosplay materials.  This is the result

Diffuse - Roughness - Normal/Height - Metalness - UV Checker

Mandalorian props

This instead is the project I am currently working on, Mando from The Mandalorian. At this time I only ended the helmet and the blaster, which I am going to show you now

Even with this project I tried to have the best topology I could, always with a subd workflow

UV time

Textures made with Substance Painter: I tried to replicate the correct amount of damage to the metal and wood parts to give this weapon a used look. For the helmet, since the real helmet in the TV series is pretty glossy, I only added a bit of dirt in the occluded parts and an authentic metal-like look.

Beauty - Diffuse - Roughness - Normal/Height - Metallic

Thank you for your attention

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