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My 2022/2023 3D Art Year

My 2022/2023 3D Art Year

by belmont on 23 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello everyone! This is my entry for "The Rookie Awards 2023". It is composed by personal projects and projects made during the master at "Animum Creativity Advanced School" I´m studying. Thank you, hope you like it! :D

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After some models made and practising during the Master I´m studying in Animum, I saw a sculpt by the great Jared Chavez, that inspired me a lot to make a xenomorph-like creature such as "Prometheus" or "Alien" ones. This encouraged me to create this and practice my realistic sculpting and texturing.

Sculpted in Zbrush

Textured in Substance Painter

Rendered in Arnold, Maya

Some lighting tests

Some isolated maps


More renders

And to wrap up, a short video I made which shows some sculpting progress and more renders in different angles.

Watch it with sound for the best experience :D


This page sum up some of the anatomy projects I´ve done this year, including those done in the Master in Animum I´m studying, such as those I made on my own for practising more.


Base human anatomy + Topology

After this, I took the head from the base human I made, and re-sculpted it a bit more to give it a more realistic look. After that, I textured it.

Alternative lighting + Topology

Alternative lighting 

Some isolated maps

UVs + Maps

Next, I´ll show some sculpts I made for practising human anatomy. 

Renders as well as a process video.

Everything sculpted in Zbrush, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Arnold, Maya

Some zbrush legs studies

And a torso speedsculpt


This time I wanted to create something more stylized, and practice 3D sculpting out of a 2D concept. So I found a concept by the great Max Grecke which made me want to sculpt it!

Sculpted in Zbrush

Textured with polypaint in Zbrush

Rendered in Arnold, Maya

360 Video

My interpretation vs Original 2D concept by Max Grecke

Some AOVs

And last but not least, an image sequence with the process I followed


This is a project I made during the 3D Advanced Production master at Animum, and it was a "collaboration" with another student, an animator called Francisco Freire.

In this project, I received an animated scene and my job was to remake it with any style I wanted. As the phrase the character is saying is part of the Pulp Fiction movie, I decided to reimagine the original room, in a style that fitted the animation.

This is the original scene I received:

And this is the final result:

Topology + Clay + Beauty

I made everything except for the character itself, made by Juan Solís, and the animation, by Francisco Freire.

I modelled and textured the whole room.

As well as the character clothes and pistol. I also textured and shaded everything in the scene.

I also illuminated the whole scene and composited it in Nuke


Beauty + Clay + Topology

Pistol - Star B Model

Beauty + Clay + Topology

Modelled in Maya - Textured in Substance Painter - Hair in Xgen - Rendered in Maya, Arnold - Composition in Nuke - Edition in DaVinci Resolve

Some compositing Process:


Stylized Avatar Neytiri:

Ekko´s Hoverboard:

The Thinker:

Tyler, The Creator - Stylized

Majin Mew

So after this long presentation, I hope you liked my art and my best 2022-2023 projects. 

There is just one thing left to say.


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