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American fashionista

American fashionista

Davide Martinelli
by Davidemartinelli on 23 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My personal project done during the photorealism module

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Beauty renders

I am flattered to present to you my personal project done during photorealism module. I have been given a reference and I had to re-create it starting from modeling to rendering. It took me 1 month to do all this work by myself.  


I started blocking out the main scene where I set the camera and worked in 2 different scenes for modeling the big and small tasers. The toughest part of the modeling was to do the save grips of both tasers (Silver parts with holes). 

The following are some renders' channel.

After doing the UVs I've backed everything up in substance painter 3D where I had lot of fun texturing them. Although my main reference was blurry and I couldn't see all the roughness I decided to make it up as you can see from my screenshot on substance.

The reference given.

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