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Head of a ginger squirrel

Head of a ginger squirrel

Pandraux Gaëlle
by pandraux on 22 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello, I am pleased to show you my first grooming project, that I did at ESMA in 2nd year. It was an interesting process where I had to analyze the anatomy and animal's fur to create a concept of my own, and I did all the aspects.

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I am pleased to show you the fur project that I have worked on at ESMA. 

I had 7 weeks to do the sculpt, UVs, grooming, texturing, shading, lighting, and rendering. It was the first grooming project that I had ever done, and I have learned a lot during all the process.

I had to work on the concept first. I needed to analyze the skeleton and muscles of the animal, then I had to understand the flow of a real squirrel's fur, to finally create my own cartoon shaped design. 

Here are the breakdowns :

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