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Charlotte Bonnement - Concept Art 2023

Charlotte Bonnement - Concept Art 2023

Bonnement Charlotte
by Lokittie on 21 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello ! My name is Charlotte. I am currently studying at Artside School in the concept art section in hopes of becoming concept artist in character design. Here you'll find some of my works I did during these past months and I hope you'll enjoy them !

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Welcome !

This is my entry for the 2023 Rookies contest. You'll find a summary of all the work I've done during my year at Artside School, a lot of character concept design since I'm really focusing on that part of my work, but also some props and environment designs. Hope you'll like it ! 

Plash, the water Genasi

Meet Plash, a water Genasi craving for adventure and fun. Living in the warm waters of the ocean, she once was a princess who watched over her people. Unfortunately, a great disease destroyed most of her home, forcing everyone to leave and settle themselves elsewhere. Plash wasn't ok with this idea and decided to find a cure by herself even if it meant to go against great danger.

The first artwork is a splash art of Plash I did during Felix Donadio's class. It was really interesting to experiment with the process of creating an illustration like this, and I really enjoyed it. It's probably an exercise I might retry doing in the future. Then you'll find the character sheets I did during Jeremy Vitry's class. We were supposed to create a high fantasy character with a distinct archetype. I explored the rogue and mage archetypes before deciding to go with the mage's one. 

Swamp Folks

This is another project done during one of Jeremy Vitry's classes. Here we had to imagine dark fantasy characters, and I decided to explore the gory side of toads and frogs. I imagined that this group of people might have messed with the wrong person, a swamp witch, and to avenge herself she cursed them to slowly become frogs and toads.


This funky guitarist named Henry is a character I've done during one of Jeremy Vitry's classes. We had to create a band with a very distinct style and think about the concept behind their group. We chose to do a 70's rock band where all the members wore mustaches explaining the name "Testosterock". It was a really fun project but also a bit of a challenge because we had a lot of ideas and we had to only choose a few. But overall, I really enjoyed making this funny band and their mustaches.

Within the runes

Deep inside the luxuriant forest of a lost island, an archeologist is searching for deeper mysteries... Apparently, the wilderness is extremely powerful, so powerful that it can corrupt one's mind. The locals discovered that magic can be extracted from plants and flowers through pigments, and some of them use it to tattoo themselves and gain power. But be careful, use too much or be overexposed and your mind might not stay intact.

This project was made through different lessons throughout the year, one of which was Jeanne Plounevez's creature design. It was a really tricky project, a bit overwhelming sometimes, but I'm still proud of what I've done. 

Froggy House

In the middle of a swamp, if you look close enough, you might find some little frogs living in their little cottage floating around...

This small house was created during Elodie Mondoloni's class. It was the first time we used a 3D base to create an asset like this, and it was a very interesting technique to help and gain some time.

Floating Islands

This artwork was created during Quentin Mabille's class. He taught us how to use a 3D base and a lot of shaders to make a realistic scene and then rework it in 2D. It is a very interesting way to create an environment, but I learned a lot and found some techniques pretty helpful. 

Thank you for watching !

It was really great to work on all these projects and to be taught by these amazing persons. I hope you liked what you saw ! Thanks again !

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