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Antoine Decamps - Concept Art 2023

Antoine Decamps - Concept Art 2023

Antoine Decamps
by adecamps on 20 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Bonjour! My name is Antoine, and I am a French concept artist currently studying at New3dge Concept Art. I am excited to share with you the work I have produced during this past year at school!

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Most of the work presented here was done during my first year at New3dge Concept Art. I also added an older project of mine at the end that I thought was still worth showing. I hope you'll enjoy this short journey, and thank you for checking out my work!


The Mighty Barrier

This piece was done during Richard Anderson's class. I had a lot of fun trying out his process and learned a lot from it.

A tribe of Vikings that were exiled from their peers found refuge on top of an old abandoned dam, and decided to settle there and build over the ruins.

Extraction Outpost

I did this Sci-Fi project over two classes. I did the first image of the refinery during Danar Worya's Sci-Fi course. Then I wanted to explore this world a bit more during Iris Muddy's VR course, so I modeled this truck in Gravity Sketch and did a Keyframe to showcase the truck and its crew working for the extraction company that owns the refinery.


Did this painting during Léa Pinto's painting course. I wanted to try something in the vein of the Spiderverse movies since I really liked them. We also did a lot of studies and I feel like I learned a lot about painting and the creative process behind this kind of productions. 

IK-976 Operating Table

This was done during Wouter Gort's design course. We had to design an operating table with moving parts. So I felt like it was the right opportunity to learn a bit about rigging and animation in Blender. After my design was done I did a little animation showcasing how this operating table would operate if a player had to use it inside a video game.  

Oh deer...

Keyframe done during Bimpe Alliu's course. We had to do quick thumbnails to answer 4 different Jurassic themed briefs and then take one keyframe to final. It was very insightful to learn about the needs and constraints of the VFX industry and to have to deliver in a shorter timeframe.

Star Wars Sequential Keyframes

These keyframes were done in Unreal Engine during Jama Jurabaev's course. It was super cool to learn about his process in Unreal, and to do a set in 3D where you can just bring stories to life without overpainting.

I first did a day scene to get a feel for the place and the set I wanted to design, and then I wanted to tell a short (and grim) story during the night.

The Secluded Macaroon Shop

This is a project I did during Paul Riebe's architecture class. We had to design a macaroon shop in a secluded place, and we had the choice between 3 different locations. I chose the top of a mountain and really enjoyed designing this cosy cabin.

Indoor Harbour Market

This piece was done during Max Schiller's class. We had to design a place that was an interior so I wanted to go for something in the vein of Bazaar markets. It was quite challenging at the time and I definitely learned a lot from Max.

Value Compositions

Here's an excerpt of the work I did during Simeon Schaffner's composition class. I really love doing composition in black and white so I really enjoyed the class on top of learning a lot.

Personal Work


This Worldbuilding project was done a year ago but I still feel like it's worth showing. I would definitely do things differently now, with all the new skills I learned and the fundamentals I practiced during the last year. But I hope you'll still enjoy checking out this project, as Worldbuilding is one of the aspect of concept art I'm most passionate about.

Gate of the Depths

The Sea Trial

The Royal Palace

Initial Project Sketches and Explorations



This is already the end for this year. There are a lot of people I'd like to thank, most notably my teachers and classmates who helped me grow and thrive during this last year, and since the beginning of my creative journey. I would also like to thank my friends and my family for the unwavering support. And of course, you, for checking out this humble body of work. Thank you and see you next year!

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