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Rookie Awards - Daniel Quicks Environments and Props

Rookie Awards - Daniel Quicks Environments and Props

daniel quick
by DanJq on 24 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello! My names Dan I'm from South wales studying at USW , I'm a environment/Prop artist. Here I have a collection of my 3rd and final year of my Game art course work , this includes various Props/Hero assets and environments I have made through the year, with more to come in the furture! i hope you enjoy :)

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G.C.P.D Lie detector Hero asset

Here I have a Game ready hero asset created for a university project where i would simulate a art test for a company, i decided to create a old lie detector in a Briefcase.

Technical information:

Beauty shot textures - 4k

Game textures - 2k

poly count from 3ds Max - 18.7K

Triangle count - 37.5K

Old Teac A -6300 Tape recorder game ready asset

Here I have a Old Teac tape recorder I made as a part of another project

Technical information:

Textures 4k

Poly Count -11.9k

Tri count - 23.8

Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar Asset

Here i have a hero asset of a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, this was a really fun model to make and texture , I wanted to improve my modelling skills and making sure there was enough topology to make it smooth and not so hard edged, I also wanted to try make the object look semi new to make it almost fresh out of the factory , compared to my other works that are consistent in how worn out and damaged they are, I think I have done really well on this mini personal project and am really happy with it.

Technical Information:

Textures- 4k

Poly count 21k

Tri count - 42K

Rendered in marmoset

Cinematic Shot

Old Rusted Tram UE5

here I have a game ready asset of a old rusted tram, this was a fun and tricky model to get right , I used a lot of overlapping Uvs to save lots of space and to keep quality as high as i could , with the texturing I experimented with a fungus like material being inspired by The Last Of Us series on HBO I wanted to recreate that overgrown fungus or mould look which I think I works to an extent.

I'm quite happy with the result of the model and the textures.

Feedback is welcome! smiley

Technical Information:

68.5k Tris

2 sets of 2048 textures

Beauty shots in Marmoset

Last few images are of the asset within unreal engine 5

The Interchange of Ingredients -The Alchemists Brewery Search For a Star Contest

Welcome to the Foamy Beard Brewery! We sell the finest magical brews the lands have to offer, from Hop shocks ale to Flaming Fruits Cider we have something for your taste buds! Our secret is the magical tree our Brewery is built around, we interchange the fruit and sap from the tree to give our beverages the magical kick to bring the wonderful tastes the realm cant get enough of!

This is my entry to the Search for a Star Environment art challenge for 2023! it was great fun working on this competition agai , the theme I chose was of the Interchange, where here at the Brewery they would interchange ingredients from the tree like the fruit and sap to make into magical ales and beverages, I hope you enjoy looking through, I have some minor changes to make and a video to hopefully come soon.

The page for further documentation can be found here:

Juice Barrel Mixer Prop

Here io have a prop made from 1st hand references gathered from a local garden centre , the aim of this mini project was to recreate a object as best as possible from my own gathered references , i think i have achiveed this well though the modelling , i think i have made quite realistic textures also with a bit of extra wear and grunge to the look.

The poly count is 19K

Textures 4k can be scaled down

Any feedback is appreciated !

Journal links -

Thank you for looking through my work i really appreciate it ! 

i wish i could add more but i couldn't finish my current projects in time but i added the best works I've produced ! 


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