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School team project named "Zapping"

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Talhia BROM ( modeling, texturing, lighting )

I was responsible for the modeling and texturing of Miamte, a character inspired by Maïté, a renowned cooking show host from Southwest France.

Carla KADDAM ( modeling, texturing, lighting )

I was in charge of Micheline (the assistant). I started to sculpt the character in Zbrush, then I went into Maya to polish the model and add clothes. The hair were made in Maya too.

The textures of skin and clothes were made in Substance painter and the eyes in Photoshop.

I enjoyed working with this team !

Léa Burkart ( 3D animator and rigger )

I was in charge of making Micheline's facial rig, as well as Maïté's body rig. I also did the animation of the first shot and the rig of two props such as the rolling pin and the salad bowl filled with apples. I enjoyed to rework in the RIG as the demand for animation evolved.

Working in this project with the team was really fun !

Claire ALBERNY ( 3D animator and rigger )

In the production of this short film, I started with the rig of Micheline's body (the assistant), except for the head. The skin was quite easy, except under the arms where I did a blendshape correction. Then I also made the rig of some props of the characters (like the unicorn, the flame thrower and the helmet).

For the animation part, I did the opening credits and the 3 end shots. This is the part of the production where I had the most fun!

Tess Benedetti ( Rigger, 3D and 2D animator )

I worked on Maïté's facial rig and I animated shot 2. Then I worked on all the 2D fx which was a quite challenging for me but which turned out to be really fun to make.

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