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by AlexBajon on 18 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Released project : March 2023 . I’m really proud to share you my biggest CG project since i was student at ESMA . It was a dream for me to create my own Dragon ! It was a beautiful project in which I could learn Substance Painter and Zbrush. I am very grateful for all the people who helped me for this project !

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                                                                                   Final shot

I love Dragon and my biggest dream since I was a 3d student is to make my own Dragon ! I love the mixing in the moonlight and the power of the fire.

I love this mood, inspired by Game of throne and my imagination !

                                                                               Breakdown shot 

                                               (Render compositing - clay - texturing - wireframe)


I worked each part of the dragon independently, with its own shader. Horns, spikes, claws, wings and tongue, each was worked on different lookdev scenes.

It's the first time i used Zbrush in my life. It was a crazy challenge for me, learn a sculpting software with a huge project like the dragon. I had to be inspired by many tutorials and references.

The step of modeling and sculpting of the Dragon is the most important and difficult and long in creation process. I took a really pleasure to search how i can build my own Dragon.

The step of anatomy was really hard because dragons don’t exist, I had to draw inspiration from different animals for some part of body (chicken, horse, crocodile, snake, ...).

To sculpt, i worked with layer 3D to separate spikes, horns, claws and body.

                                                                          Turn sculpt Zbrush

It was the first time I really use Substance Painter, it was again a crazy challenge, because I wanted to do the diffuse map and scales textures on this software. I wanted to use Substance Painter to get the most realistic result possible.

I sculpted the displace map on Zbrush and i exported a high poly version on low poly version in Substance Painter. I decided to work with 7 udims.

I’ve created my own alpha Brush to make dragon scales !

I did the rigg of my dragon with the plugin"Advanced Skeleton". I used dragon rigg presets, and i placed joints on anatomy and i skinned some part of body

                       For the set, i used some stones from Megascans library by Quixel

Nuke scene with some nodes for post processing


To conclude, I really learned a lot about this project ! And I took pleasure in doing every step of the project : modeling, sculpting, texturing, lookdev and compositing

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