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3rd yr student Demoreel

3rd yr student Demoreel

Lourenço Soares
by ensolour on 15 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I'm pleased to share my 3rd year Student demoreel for the Rookies contest. I hope you all can enjoy my projects, showing Modeling, Rendering, Grooming and Compositing!

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I'm happy to present you my first student demoreel of Modeling, Rendering, Grooming and Compositing after 3 out 4 years at ESMA! It's a combination of one school project per year, a personal project and my in-take in the very first movie I produced as a team. 

Down, I'm showing the images and the making-of them.


The Digital Double was the hardest and longest project I did in school. I worked for 16 weeks, both in class and at home, in order to achieve the most realistic result possible, using the texturing in XYZ. I did all the aspects of this project and it made me learn a lot about how the human face works and to practice a lot of groom. I had always feedback and tips from my teacher Baptiste Lebouc.

I used Autodesk Maya, Pixar Renderman, Mudbox, Mari, Photoshop, XGen and NukeX.

I did not model my face from scratch (even tho everything else was modeled by me); we used Agisoft Photoscan to create a base model of our faces. After that I had to model and sculpt in order to make it look exactly like my face, principally the eyes, nose, lips and ears. 

I also created some images with a more artistic lighting.


This was the last Rendering assignment of my first year at ESMA. I really had a lot of fun and joy doing this one and building a scene with my childhood hobbies. Every aspect of this image was done by me.

I used Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Pixar Renderman and Nuke X.


This was a personal project I did during my free time, based in the amazing concept art of Elena Ilicheva on Art Station. I tried to go further on it with details and objects, as well as in the realism of the image and textures. For the compositing of this image, I had some help and tips from my Compositing teacher Perceval Schopp.

In the making-of I show the wireframe, the batch render layers and the final image composited.

I used Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Pixar Renderman, Photoshop, Mari and NukeX.


The final assignment of my second year at ESMA was to groom an animal. I did all the aspects of this work, since the modeling till the compositing. I really enjoyed this project and made me grow a huge passion for grooming. I also painted the textures here.

In the making-of I show the wireframe, the groom, the specular, the final Maya batch render and the final image with compositing.

I used Autodesk Maya, Pixar Renderman, Mudbox, Photoshop, Mari, XGen and NukeX.


In our third year we produced a 20 seconds short movie. It was the very first project I did in a team and I'm really happy how it came out and with the colleagues I had the pleasure to work with: Marie Pacreau, Juliette Gyles-Payart, Anissa Cugniet, Liselotte Allard and Gillian Montagne. 

The production of the movie was done in 6 weeks and I worked in modeling, lookdev, grooming, lighting and compositing for it.

For the bathroom scene of the movie, I modeled and textured some of the props, excepting the toothbrush, that was modeled by my teammate Liselotte Allard and I only did the texturing. For it I used Autodesk Maya, Mari, Mudbox, Photoshop and Pixar Renderman.

I was also responsible for the character Keven's groom and groom shading, using XGen for it. It was a pleasure to groom a character for a movie since one of my job aspirations is to become a grooming artist.

I was also responsible for the lighting and compositing of the shot 0020 and 0040 of our movie, including the creation of particles and extra camera movements. The compositing of the bees was done with the help of my teammate Anissa Cugniet. We used NukeX for it.

I hope you enjoy my demoreel and the projects I showed you. If you're eager to see more, you can always visit my Instagram or Art Station! 

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