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Joker (MetaHuman Workflow)

Joker (MetaHuman Workflow)

Eunbin Lee
by eunbin on 14 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I chose the bathroom scene in the Joker movie, where his sudden emotional change occurs, and expressed Joker's psychological transformation through lighting and editing. Joker was created using the MetaHuman workflow.

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Joker's base was created using MetaHuman, and then the Joker's face was sculpted using the ZBrush program to achieve a detailed resemblance.


Joker's clothes were created using the Marvelous Designer program, and the program's self-simulation feature was used to make Joker's dancing movements affect his clothes.

Enviroment  /  Toilet

Hair / Ornatrix, Xgen

used Ornatrix  for the Joker's hair and Xgen to create the fur on the mask.

Texturing / Substance Painter

I  used Substance Painter program to create the textures.


Thankyou for watching :)

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