The New Andy's Robot

The New Andy's Robot

Hamilton Felipe Castaño Benavides
by huniverse on 25 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This project began at Lightbox Academy like a Veo Robots Practice. Mixing all the techniques learned during 2 weeks, texturing, modeling knowledges with Maya and how materials work, render engines and the workflows for beginners using Photoshop and Substance Painter.

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This Project is inspired by Andy's room from Pixar Studios 'Toy Story', the concept was born like an alternative vision as if Andy's favorite toy was a robot, a toy created from common pieces of a hardware store.

It starts with the Pre-Production Process, choosing references, set up the possible camera plane, lights and the main character

In the next step I made a general blocking, this allowed me to understand the object sizes, proportions and the lighting in Maya's workspace. Finishing with the texturing process and rendering with Arnold render, down a small preview of the process.

At the end a lovely turnaround of this machine gun character, arrived directly from the hardware store.

For the enviroment I included common objects like books, desk, chair, one frame, cup of coffe, usb devices, a magazine, video game, board, an alexa device, coke, energy swicthes and wires, trash and a ball.

Thank you for watching.

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