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Artisan Studio

Artisan Studio

Jay Aries Desalisa
by arkdesalisa on 9 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Designed and visualized as my personal project to enhance my lighting ang texturing experience. Scenes are from the Learnvray Course following the 5SRW Method.

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Designed and Visualized as my Personal Project. Scenes from the Learnvray Course following the 5SRW Method.

Tools Used: 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop

The Artisan's Corner

The goal for this scene is to create a laidback sunset moment through the play of contrasting lights. Having an atmospheric interior, with the shape of the shadows blending to a cast of strong warm mood, can give the image an emotional feeling through that time of the day. The dramatic cast of striking warm shades are contrasted by inducing a cooler tone at the foreground to give depth and balance to the scene.

The Lofty Dining Space

Mainly the idea to this scene is to recreate the materiality of the glass sliding partition. The primary light must pass through the glass and create the shadow and tint shades casting to the interior for it to give a strong mood in the middle of a daylit moment. The goal is to show a moment at the height of the day in which this is the most avoided timing to get a shot in photography. In order to balance the strong day lighting, these constraints are snapped through the use of interesting textures and play of lights.

These are the colours used on this project. Mainly the earthy neutral set of colours are applied to the general objects of the scene while the other group of bright shades are used to emphasize the areas that are to be highlighted as the main object of the composition.

This personal project is one of the most distinctive work that I had been studiously accomplished last year to pass the Learnvray's 5SRW Vray Certification. As an architectural visualization specialist using other tools than Vray, this is a meaningful benchmark for my upskilling and able to create using a Vray application on my renders.

Thank you for looking at my work and I hope that you appreciate it.

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