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Yuwei (Rita) Li - Concept art 2023

Yuwei (Rita) Li - Concept art 2023

Yuwei (Rita) Li
by ritali on 8 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi! I'm Yuwei (Rita) Li. Here is my portfolio of 2022-2023. I hope you enjoy it!

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Here is my personal project: the Guardian of Ur.  It was an enjoyable experience researching Mesopotamian culture and using it as inspiration for this fantasy project. I was able to explore various environments including the dungeon, the palace, and some natural formations.

My personal project: Expedition X. In this sci-fi project, an expedition team stumbles upon an alien temple while exploring a snow mountain region. For this project, I designed both the station and the environment, drawing inspiration from real-life snowscapes and adding a science fiction twist to them.

Mawae is a personal fantasy project inspired by Pacific Island culture. I use owl as the motif throughout this project. The islanders guard the Mawae, the gate of human and spirit realms. However one day, an evil and powerful spirit destroys the sigil and breaks through the gate...

And finally here are some personal work of me trying different styles! Thank you for viewing!

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